SS1: Speaker Selector (Discontinued)

The Model SS1 Speaker Selector is an dual-source impedance matching speaker selector switch box that can control up to six pairs of stereo speakers. The selector has a capacity of 100-watts maximum for each speaker channel. One or two amplifiers can be used for the audio source, an A/B switch selects which amplifier is used for the source.

Impedance matching provides the system’s amplifier with a constant 8-ohm load regardless of the number is speakers selected. A six-position impedance matching switch selects the number of speaker pairs connected. The selector’s design features high quality audio distribution with low power loss and no heat generation. The left and right speaker channels have isolated ground paths for compatibility with all amplifiers including bridged amplifiers.

The speaker and amplifier terminals are removable for easy wire installation and can be used with up to 12 gauge speaker wire.


  • Six pair speaker selector
  • Dual audio source capable with A/B switch supports one or two amplifiers
  • Impedance match switch to select the number of speaker pairs connected
  • Constant 8-ohm load on amplifier regardless of number of speakers selected
  • Isolated ground paths for left and right channels
  • 100-watts maximum capacity per speaker channel
  • Removable terminals support up to 12 gauge wire