SUM: In-Wall Passive Subwoofer (Discontinued)

The Model SUM In-Wall Passive Subwoofer is an 8-ohm, 150-watt, in-wall subwoofer speaker. The speaker has an 8-inch dual voice coil woofer and a white metal grille. The metal grille can be painted if necessary.

The speaker frequency response is 35 Hz to 120 Hz and contains a built-in crossover. The subwoofer’s crossover inputs connect to an amplifier’s speaker-level left and right channel outputs. The crossover will route all audio signals below 120 Hz to the subwoofer and all audio signals above 120 Hz to speakers connected to the crossover’s outputs.

For subwoofer rough-in, order the Model SAMB In-wall Subwoofer Mounting Ring.


  • In-wall passive subwoofer
  • White metal grille
  • Requires SAMB mounting ring
  • 8-inch dual-coil subwoofer
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • Built-in crossover with speaker-level inputs and outputs
  • 150 watts maximum power
  • 35 Hz to 120 Hz frequency response
  • 11″ W x 15″ H x 3-1/2″ D