VM142-10: Wall Inlet Valve Bracket (10-pack)

The Model VM142-10 Wall Inlet Valve Bracket (10-pack) is a metal bracket for flanged adapters designed for retrofit use in existing construction. The central vacuum system’s PVC riser pipe connects to the back side with a flanged adapter and supports the bracket. A wall inlet valve slides into the front side of the bracket’s flanged adapter and is secured to the bracket with two screws. The wall inlet valve clamps the bracket to the drywall for extra support.

The VM142-10 Wall Inlet Valve Bracket is compatible with all colors of Model VM195 Wall Inlet Valves and Model VML195 Lighted Wall Inlet Valves.


  • Designed for existing construction retrofit installations
  • Valve bracket is supported by system pipe and drywall
  • Wall inlet valve attaches to the valve bracket with two screws
  • 10 piece bulk pack