VM3VK: Three-wall Inlet Valve Kit (White)

The Model VM3VK Three-wall Inlet Valve Kit (White) is a selection of common central vacuum fittings, couplings, wire, wall inlet valves, and wall inlet brackets necessary for a typical three-valve central vacuum system installation. The three wall inlet valves are white color.

The VM3VK kit includes:

60-feet of low-voltage control wire
(15) VM450-500 Quick Clips
(9) VM103-75 90-degree Sweep Fittings
(2) VM106-55 90-degree Single-sweep 3-way “T” Fittings
(6) VM147-300 Pipe Straps with Wire Traps
(6) VM112-80 45-degree Short Elbow Fittings
(6) VM102-175 Straight Coupling Fittings
(3) VM104-90 90-degree Short Elbow Fittings
(3) Plastic Wall Inlet Valve Brackets
(3) VM195 Wall Inlet Valves (White)


  • Kit contains common central vacuum fittings and valves
  • White color wall inlet valves
  • Includes most components needed for a typical three-valve installation
  • Includes wire and wire clips
  • PVC pipe not included