VM458: 14-inch Deluxe Power Brush with Headlight (Discontinued)

The Model VM458 14-inch Deluxe Power Brush with Headlight contains a 14-inch wide carpet brush and many features never before offered in a central vacuum power brush.

This belt driven carpet brush is high-voltage powered by an electric motor with an automatic electronic brush torque control. The torque control circuitry automatically detects the load on the brush. Varying loads are caused by the different thicknesses of carpets and the different types of smooth surfaces being vacuumed. When an increase or decrease in load is detected, the motor’s torque will automatically adjust accordingly. In the case of the brush being stalled or jammed, the power brush has overload circuit breaker that will interrupt power to the brush. Pressing the red button located on the rear of the power brush resets the overload circuit breaker.

The VM458 has a built-in dry squeegee for effective cleaning on hard surfaces and enhanced cleaning on lo-pile carpet. The power brush also features an electric headlight, pivoting neck, and a convenient wand quick release pedal.

The VM458 connects to the vacuum hose with a Model VMTC Metal Telescopic Central Vacuum Wand with High-voltage Cord.