VMSP: Automatic Dustpan (White)

The Model VMSP Automatic Dustpan (White) is a central vacuum system sweeping accessory that mounts in the baseboard of a kitchen or any other un-carpeted room. The dustpan’s front port opens so dirt can be swept from floor directly into the vacuum system. An activation lever on the face of the dustpan opens the vacuum valve and switches on the vacuum unit’s power through the low-voltage control wire. The automatic dustpan is ideal for dry-spill areas such as kitchens, workshops, and entryways. The dustpan is also available in almond (VMSPA), and black (VMSPB) colors to match the installation’s decor.


  • Sweep dirt directly into central vacuum system
  • Ideal for dry-spill areas
  • Available in white, almond, and black colors