VMVPLA: Lighted High-voltage Wall Inlet Valve (Almond)

The Model VMVPLA Lighted High-voltage Wall Inlet Valve (Almond) provides a connection point for a central vacuum hose, controls the central vacuum power, supplies power to electric-driven carpet brushes, and seals the vacuum system when not in use. A spring-loaded access cover flips open for insertion of the vacuum hose. When the cover is closed, a gasket seals the wall inlet valve. This wall inlet valve is also available in white (VMVPL).

To supply high-voltage power to an electric-powered carpet brush, a socket built into the wall valve connects to two high-voltage pins on the Model V610PS Deluxe SuperSystem Central Vacuum Hose.

A 3-function service indicator is located behind the access cover. The indicator shows the AVP Series central vacuum power unit’s status at the wall inlet valve location. The indicator lights green when the power unit is on, or red to indicate the vacuum’s motor needs servicing promptly. When the indicator flashes either color, replace the vacuum’s bag.

Two terminals on the rear of the wall inlet valve connect to the central vacuum’s low-voltage control wire. When a central vacuum hose is inserted into the wall inlet valve, two sensing pins in the valve connect to the trigger ring on the hose end. Some hoses have a solid trigger ring that electrically connects the valve’s sensing pins whenever the hose is inserted into the valve, which starts the vacuum. Other hoses have a split trigger ring that’s connected to a low-voltage control switch in the hose’s handle, allowing the operator to control the vacuum unit’s power.

Use the Model VM612 High-voltage Wall Inlet Rough-in Kit for mounting and wiring the VMVPL and VMVPLA Wall Inlet Valves.


  • Available in white and almond
  • Spring-loaded access cover for vacuum hose connection
  • 3-Function service indicator shows central vacuum status with AVP Series power units
  • Seals the vacuum system when not in use
  • Sensing pins control the vacuum unit’s power via the hose’s trigger ring
  • High-voltage socket supplies power for electric-driven carpet brushes