XDM46R: Music Distribution System Remote Control (Discontinued)

The Model XDM46R Music Distribution System Remote Control is an infrared remote control for use with the XDM Music Distribution System. The remote control sends infrared signals directly to the source components or to the infrared receiver in the XDM46K keypads. An infrared repeater system built into the XDM46CC central controller monitors the infrared receivers at each keypad and repeats the infrared remote control signals to the audio source components through infrared emitters.

This universal learning remote control can be programmed with infrared codes from other remote controls to function with each of the XDM system’s audio source components. The audio source components can then be controlled using a single remote.

The remote controls large LCD display shows day of week, date, time, and the source component selected. The names displayed for source components can be customized to suit the installation. To automate commonly used commands, remote control macros can be programmed with up to 20 steps each. The remote is powered by four AAA batteries and has a low battery indicator.

NOTE: The XDM46R remote cannot select between XDM audio input sources.


  • Infrared remote control for XDM system
  • Remote can learn codes from other remotes
  • Large LCD display
  • Source component display names can be customized
  • Programmable macros with up to 20 steps each
  • Powered by four AAA batteries
  • Low battery indicator