XDMIRE: Music Distribution System Replacement Emitter Kit (Discontinued)

The Model XDMIRE Music Distribution System Replacement Emitter Kit contains six infrared emitters with adhesive backing for attaching to audio source components. Each emitter has a 10-foot cable and a mini-plug for connecting to an XDM46CC Central Controller. The emitters can be used for replacement or rework purposes.

An infrared repeater system built into the XDM46CC Central Controller monitors the infrared receivers at each system keypad. When infrared is detected, the controller repeats the infrared remote control signals to the audio source components through the infrared emitters.


  • Six infrared emitters for controlling source components
  • Emitters for replacement or re-work purposes
  • Adhesive backing on emitters for placing over source component IR receiver window
  • 10-foot cable and mini-plug on each emitter