LSO50-2T1KB: 1/2 HP Premium Dual Lamp Garage Door Operator Kit

The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands

Dual-lamp 1/2 HP residential garage door operator with vibration isolation mounting brackets, installer kit, includes HBT7C 7-foot belt drive rail, two MCT-3 transmitters, and one MDTK keypad transmitter.


  • 1/2 HP
  • 7-foot belt drive rail
  • Two 3-button MCT-3 transmitters
  • One MDTK keypad transmitter
  • Deluxe wall station
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Dual 100 watt courtesy lights
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Replacement parts list click here.
  • GDO Quench Tech Bulletin click here.
  • GDO Troubleshooting Guide click here.
Accessories for use with the LSO50
MDTKKeypad Transmitter
Models compatible with the LSO50
ACT-21A1-Channel Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-21B1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-22A3-Channel Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-22B3-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-31B1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-34B4-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-31D1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring TRANS PROX Transmitter
& Proximity Tag
ACT-34D4-Channel Block Coded Key Ring TRANS PROX Transmitter
& Proximity Tag
FT-1Radio Interference Field Tester
MCT-11-Channel Visor Transmitter
MCT-22-Channel Visor Transmitter
MCT-33-Channel Visor Transmitter
MCT-111-Channel Visor Transmitter
MDKPExterior Wireless Keypad
MDR1-Channel Receiver
MDR-22-Channel Receiver
MDRG1-Channel Gate Receiver
MDR/U1-Channel Plug-in Receiver
MDT-1A1-Channel Visor Transmitter
MDT-1B1-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MDT-2A3-Channel Visor Transmitter
MDT-2B3-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MDT-4A5-Channel Visor Transmitter
MDT-4B5-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MT-1B1-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MT-2B2-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
SMDRG1-Channel Gate Receiver