DMCBT: Intercom and Music System Bluetooth® Player

DMCBT: Intercom and Music System Bluetooth® Player

The Model DMCBT is a Bluetooth®-enabled Intercom and Music System Player that offers music playback and adds wireless streaming capability from smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled music/audio streaming products. The DMCBT is available in white, almond, and black.

The DMCBT can function as a wall-mounted ’speakerphone’, allowing users to use their Bluetooth-connected smartphone to accept calls by simply clicking a button on the DMCBT (without picking up the smartphone). On the front of the unit are two microphones and a speaker, allowing users who are near the DMC intercom to communicate hands-free with incoming callers.

When telephone calls are accepted on the DMCBT, the music/program distribution throughout the rest of the house is momentarily paused, and only those near the master station area are able to hear/speak to the incoming caller. Once the caller is disconnected, the selected music/programming being streamed prior to the call through the DMCBT will re-commence. Outbound telephone calls may also be handled through the DMCBT by initiating a call on the smart phone, and talking/listening through the DMCBT. (Similar to making/receiving calls in a vehicle with Bluetooth.)


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