RJ-ADAPT: RJ-31X Telephone Adapter, 10-pack

The Model RJ-ADAPT RJ-31X Telephone Adapter allows connecting the two telephone jacks on PERS-2400B Consoles to a Universal Service Order Code RJ-31X or RJ-38X telephone jack. These types of telephone jacks, wired per specification, provide proper telephone line seizure for the Console regardless if any telephone set is off-hook in the installation.

RJ-31X or RJ-38X telephone jacks are wired to be the first jack closest to the telephone line demarcation point (the point where the telephone line enters the building). When there is no plug inserted into the jack, an internal shorting bar passes the telephone line signal directly to the local telephone sets. When the RJ-ADAPT plug is inserted into an RJ-31X or RJ-38X, the telephone line signal passes into the Console’s LINE jack and out through the Console’s PHONE jack back into the wall jack and out to the local telephone sets. When the Console’s communicator is triggered and it needs to make a call, the Console disconnects the local telephone sets. This prevents off-hook local telephones from blocking the Console from seizing the line to acquire a dial tone.


  • Connects between PERS Console and RJ-31X or RJ-38X telephone jack
  • Two RJ-11 modular connectors on one end, one RJ-45 modular connector on the other end
  • Prevents any off-hook local telephone set from blocking communicator call
  • Labeled for easy installation
  • Seven-foot length
  • 10-pack

Order number: ASSY-AAE00435

Installation Manual

Models compatible with the RJ-ADAPT
Model Description
DUAL-824 24-Channel, 8-Loop Supervised Wireless/Hardwire Security Panel
DVS-1200 12-Channel Supervised Wireless Security Console
DVS-2400 24-Channel Supervised Wireless Security Console
PERS-2400B Personal Emergency Reporting System