UMTS-3G/V: Cellular Plug-in PERS Module

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Every day, more people are cutting the cord to their landlines and communicating solely through cellular service. Linear keeps PERS users connected with the optional UMTS-3G Cellular Module for the PERS-4200 Personal Emergency Reporting System Console.

The UMTS-3G Cellular Module supports wireless over-the-air reporting for the PERS-4200 Console using 3G communications via the cellular telephone network, supplying both fast data and two-way voice communication.

The Module can also act as a safety net for subscribers with landline connections by providing a cellular fallback during a phone outage.

The UMTS-3G Cellular Module delivers easy integration, remote configuration and fast two-way voice and data communication for Linear’s PERS-4200 console.

  • Plug-in module easily and quickly installs on the console’s integrated Data/Voice port
  • Fast data reporting to Central Station IP receivers
  • Two-way voice over cellular network requires no unique Central Station hardware
  • Simple local or remote configuration using Linear’s RA4200 Management Server software
  • Can be added to the PERS-4200 console after initial system placement
  • Competitive monthly charge for cellular service
  • AT&T system approved

Order number: AAE00462


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