VB-4B: 2-way Audio Module with Voice Prompts

The Model VB-4B 2-way Audio Module with Voice Prompts is designed as an add-on accessory for the PERS-2400B Personal Emergency Reporting System Consoles. The module plugs directly into the Console’s circuit board connectors.

A digitally synthesized human voice produced by the VB-4B module announces important system information through the Console’s speaker. The volume control adjusts the voice level.

The VB-4B features 2-way audio (manual and full duplex) and audio listen-only capabilities for Central Station monitoring. The small microphone supplied fits into the Console’s case. The module’s high-gain amplifier allows the Central Station to monitor the sounds in the installation after an alarm. In 2-way full duplex mode, the Central Station operator can talk back to the subscriber through the Console’s speaker. In 2-way manual mode the Central Station operator can control the direction of the 2-way communications using a pushbutton telephone.

The Model RSM-1 Remote Speaker/Microphone can also be used with the VB-4B to increase its audio coverage area.


  • Digitally synthesized voice sounds system prompts
  • Adjustable volume
  • 2-way audio with the central station
  • Remote speaker and microphone supported
  • Order number: AAE00419B