106603: Remote Whip Antenna

The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands

The Model 106603 Remote Whip Antenna is designed as a remote mounted antenna. This antenna is useful when a receiver must be mounted in poor signal reception location such as inside a gate operator case. Remote antennas are also useful in installations where the receiver is located inside a metal building and the transmitters will be activated from outside the building. The antenna has a bracket for mounting the antenna and connects to the Type-F connector on the receiver through a 15-foot coax cable.

NOTE: Generally, the higher the antenna is mounted above ground level, the better the radio range will be.


  • Omnidirectional remote whip antenna
  • Includes 15 feet of coax
  • Bracket for mounting

Order number: MCS106603

Accessories for use with the 106603
Model Description
109920 1-Channel 110V Gate Receiver
302101 2-Channel Heavy Duty Gate Receiver
DRQP 1-Channel Gate Receiver
MDRG 1-Channel Gate Receiver
SMDRG 1-Channel Gate Receiver

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