DXS-80: Supervised Carbon Monoxide Detector Transmitter

The DXS-80 Supervised Carbon Monoxide Detector Transmitter is a UL listed †, single station, carbon monoxide alarm with a built-in supervised transmitter. It is compatible with Linear’s wireless DXS Format Security Systems, Personal Emergency Reporting Systems (PERS), and other stand-alone receivers. The DXS-80 provides a warning to alert against both the acute and chronic effects of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

When carbon monoxide is detected, the alarm sounds a loud local alarm. The built-in transmitter sends a digitally coded wireless signal to its companion receiver every 10 seconds until the air has cleared and the detector is restored.

The local alarm can be silenced once by pressing the test/reset button. The transmitter will continue to send an alarm signal every 10 seconds. After 7 minutes, the alarm will sound again if there is still an unsafe carbon monoxide concentration level. The reset function can be used only once for each alarm occurrence.

No field coding is required because the DXS-80 is factory set to a unique code; one of over a million possible codes.

The DXS-80 is powered by one 3-volt lithium battery. The battery is supplied and can power the unit for up to the six year life of the detector. If the battery voltage drops below a preset level the alarm will sound a low battery chirp every 45 seconds and a low battery signal will be sent to the receiver.

At about 6 years, the carbon monoxide detector element will reach the end of its serviceable life. The self-supervising detector will signal a permanent trouble condition, indicating time for replacement.

† NOTE: The DXS-80 is currently UL Listed for use with the Linear PERS Consoles only. It has not been tested by UL with other compatible Linear receivers.


Installation Manual