RSM-2: Remote Speaker/Microphone

The Model RSM-2 Remote Speaker/Microphone kit is designed for use with Linear’s Model DUAL-824 Security System. When a Model VB-2 or VB-3 audio module is installed in the Dual-824 control panel, the RSM-2 speaker and microphone provide sound and audio monitoring at the keypad.

The RSM-2 speaker mounts inside the DUAL-824KP keypad. Four locking push-on washers secure the speaker to the keypad case. The speaker will sound voice prompts for operating the system from the VB-2 module installed in the DUAL-824 control panel. With the Model VB-2 installed, the Central Station can talk to the subscriber through the RSM-2 speaker.

The RSM-2 microphone presses into a recess designed into the keypad’s case. With the Model VB-2 installed into the DUAL-824 control panel, the Central Station can monitor sounds in the installation.


Installation Manual