ST-23A: Supervised Bill Trap Transmitter

The Model ST-23A Supervised Bill Trap Transmitter is a battery powered cash drawer bill trap with a built-in transmitter designed for use with Linear’s S1 Format receivers. This transmitter can be used in a variety of retail hold-up applications.

The ST-23A is concealed in a cash drawer under a stack of currency, with a single bait bill secured in its money clip. During a hold-up, the cashier removes the stack of currency along with the bait bill. When a bait bill is removed, the transmitter sends a 1-second digitally coded wireless signal to its companion receiver. Four additional 1-second signals are sent within the first minute after the bait bill is removed. When the bait bill is replaced, a restore signal is sent.

The ST-23A can send three different signals: alarm, restore, and low battery.

The ST-23A continuously monitors its battery voltage. If the voltage is tested low, the transmitter will send a low battery transmission to the receiver. Because the radio signal from the transmitter may not reach the receiver when the cash drawer is closed, a motion detector is incorporated into the transmitter to determine the drawer position. Low battery transmissions occur every hour and up to once every five minutes whenever the drawer is opened. This transmitter does not report hourly status transmissions.

The transmitter has a red test indicator which lights when a bill is in the trap and the test button is pressed. It also lights when the bait bill is inserted into the trap. For safety, the indicator doesn’t light when the bait bill is removed. The test indicator will not light when pressing the test button with the bait bill removed.

The test button is disabled for 60-seconds after removing the bait bill. Pressing the test button without a bill in the trap sends an alarm signal. Pressing the test button with a bill in the trap sends a restore signal.

The unit is powered from two 3-Volt lithium batteries with an expected battery life of up to two years. When the batteries get low, the test indicator will flash when the test button is pressed or when the bait bill is replaced.


Installation Manual