XR-1: 1-Channel Mid-range Receiver

The Model XR-1 1-Channel Mid-range Receiver is designed for use in various wireless remote control applications. When the Model XR-1 receiver detects a signal from its companion transmitter, it will verify the digital code, activate its output, and trigger the remote device connected to the receiver.

The XR-1 receiver has full supervision capabilities. If the status option is selected, the receiver expects hourly status signals from its transmitter. If these signals cease, the receiver will indicate trouble by activating its status output after four hours. Contact supervision allows the receiver’s output to follow the transmitter’s input, staying activated as long as the transmitter input is activated. Alternately, an auto-restore option can be selected in the transmitter, causing a momentary receiver output each time the transmitter input is activated. If the transmitter sends a low battery signal, the receiver’s low battery output will activate.

Power for the XR-1 receiver can come from an external regulated 12 VDC power supply (Linear Model T-1224DC) or from a 12-volt battery. A diode protects the unit from reverse power polarity. The XR-1 draws about 30 mA standby, and about 70 mA when the output is active. The receiver output provides isolated N/O and N/C relay contacts capable of switching a maximum of 1 Amp @ 32 VDC. The low battery and status outputs are solid state and are capable of switching up to 50 mA @ 20 VDC to ground.

Two antennas (sold separately) are available for the XR-1. The Model ANT-1A is a 7-inch rubber duck antenna for short range applications (less than 1 mile). The ANT-1A is supplied with a CON-180A (straight) connector to attach the antenna to the receiver. For a right angle antenna mounting, use a CON-90A right-angle connector with the CON-180A. The Model ANT-2 is a 3-foot whip antenna for use in long range or difficult installations where more range from the XR-1 is required. A common 9-foot 1/4 wave CB whip antenna can also be used with the XR-1 for maximum range.

Two 8-position switches set the unit’s system code. This code must be matched in the XR-1’s transmitter. There are 65,536 different system codes possible. The 4-position option switch selects the receiver’s channel (to match the transmitters channel), and status supervision option.

The receiver is housed in a rugged weather-resistant metal enclosure with a sturdy SO-239 antenna connector and a water-tight wiring strain relief bushing. Two indicators are visible through a window on the case. The green power indicator lights when the receiver has power. During radio reception, the red RF indicator lights. Two internal test points are provided for signal strength and audio monitoring.


Order number: SSR00068

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