XT-2H: 2-Channel Handheld Mid-range Transmitter

The Model XT-2H 2-Channel Handheld Mid-range Transmitter is designed for use in various wireless remote control applications. When activated, the XT-2H portable transmitter will send a 2 watt, 27.255 MHz, digital encoded, FSK modulated, signal to their companion receiver. The receiver will verify the digital code, activate its output, and trigger the remote device.

The Model XT-2H is a two-button transmitter with two operating modes. In standard mode, the XT-2H is a two channel device, pressing the left button sends channel one; the right button sends channel two; both buttons sends channels one and two. In lockout mode, the XT-2H will only send a signal (on the channel selected) when both buttons are pressed. Alternate faceplate are supplied with the transmitter (2-button lockout faceplate shown above). Each transmission is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds duration.

The XT-2H portable transmitter is powered by two 9-volt alkaline batteries in series, supplying 18 volts. During transmissions, the red operation indicator will light (visible through a window next to the antenna). If the transmitter’s battery voltage is low, the indicator will blink during transmissions. The XT-2H transmitter has battery supervision capabilities. If the combined battery voltage drops below 12 volts, a low battery message will be included with any signal transmitted, causing the receiver’s low battery output to activate. The test button next to the indicator sends a test transmission when pressed.

Two 8-position switches set the unit’s system code. This code must be matched in the transmitter’s companion receiver. There are 65,536 different system codes possible. The 4-position option switch selects the transmitter’s channel (in 2-button lockout mode only) and the receiver’s bank (for the XR-16 receiver only).

Each transmitter is provided with a 6-inch rubber duck antenna and a removable belt clip.


Order number: SNT00396

Installation Manual