Nortek Security and Control has proven itself a true pioneer in the security and automation, access control and health & wellness marketplaces. Our dealers and partners benefit from our ability to drive both innovation and success. We are proud to offer three partnership programs centered around our most popular brands:

NUMERA: Nortek is the number one provider of personal emergency response solutions to dealers in North America and Numera is our flagship line. It provides unique and highly competitive features such as fall detection and 2-way voice controls. The units practically sell themselves! Becoming a Numera dealer gives you free training, access to top-of-the-line technology, an easy upsell, and a wide network of partner organizations.

2GIG: We offer our 2GIG dealers a wide variety of benefits: an easy upsell, a wide network of partner organizations, a variety of free training, and easy access to the best in home security technology. Our 2GIG systems offer the largest installation base for security centric home control systems in the world. With the addition of our highly-revolutionary GC3 panel, selling our products is now easier than ever.

LINEAR PROCONTROL: Our award-winning, browser-based, solid-state access control system, Linear ProControl offers dealers a satisfied customer numbering base well-over ten thousand. Only our authorized partners and dealers can sell this highly-sought after product line. In addition to the exclusivity, becoming a ProControl partner offers a variety of other benefits: territory protection, extended product warranties, partner-labelled GUI and readers, a steady supply of quality sales leads, and support in sales, training, and marketing.

Please contact us to learn more about how partnering with Nortek can ensure your future success!