Builder Program

NORTEK: Structured for everyone’s success

Professional installers the world over know and trust Nortek Security and Control for three simple reasons: our quality products, our dedication to reliability, and our fast and simple installations.  For over 50 years, Nortek has worked to innovate products and promote the highest quality of service in the industry. We design each product with both the installer and the end consumer in mind. That’s why our comprehensive product list supports and enables the integration and automation increasingly demanded in modern life.  In addition to gaining access to over five decades of experience and the latest in home technology, choosing Nortek Security offers builders two additional benefits:

CONVENIENCE: We offer products that fulfill the needs of all stages of the building process. When you work with us, you save yourself the hassle of juggling multiple security system suppliers. Sourcing all your products from us also simplifies product compatibility and installation.

SAVINGS: We offer generous product rebates to all our customers. Just by shopping with us, you’re saving money. As your business grows, your discounts will follow suit. We reward you for doing what comes naturally: growing.

Work with us and see how Nortek Security and Control can help make each house you build a home.  You’ll soon see why we’ve been construction’s go-to brand for over half-a-century.