Get customized OEM and ODM services from the company that founded the modern wireless security industry: Nortek Security & Control. We combine fifty+years of expertise and our passion for innovation to serve as an entrepreneurial organization for 27 companies and brands worldwide. Find out why leading service providers put their trust in us to manufacture, distribute, and design their future.


CONTRACT MANUFACTURING: Whether you’re located around the block, or halfway across the world, Nortek Security & Control provides a cost-effective solution for your production needs. All work is done through our ISO compliant almost half-million square foot manufacturing facility. With Nortek, you never have to worry about the middleman.

SUBASSEMBLY SERVICES: We’re happy to be a part of something bigger. In addition to our full-service product development, we also provide subassembly services for larger projects. Nortek can adapt existing components to meet new requirements, custom design pieces needed for your completed project, and provide high-level quality assurance and testing. Let Nortek Security & Control do the work for you.

PRIVATE LABELLING: Nortek provides our customers the chance to modify our existing suite of products to suit their needs. Allowed modifications include: the addition of your logo, a change in product color or finish, an alteration to a product’s existing shape, and changes to existing features or functions.

FULL-SERVICE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Our engineers and staff provide services across the entirety of the product life cycle: definition, design, alteration, and development.  We can work with you to develop an item that perfectly suits your needs and desires. If you need something designed for security systems or home automation, why settle for less than the best?


OUR EXPERIENCE: Our customers benefit directly from our demonstrated design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise particularly in wireless devices across a variety of protocols. We produce more than 5000 electronic products worldwide and distribute them across a network of over 4000 dealers. Nortek possesses the industry-leading expertise you need in wireless, software, and security to secure a successful future.

OUR RESOURCES: Being a global company we have access to facilities and distribution networks that far exceed our competition. You can leverage our engineering and support staff in California, Utah, Seattle and Shenzhen to get the job done.

OUR VERSATILITY: Unlike many large manufacturers, we offer OEM and ODM services that are perfectly suited to fit your needs. We want to be your partner not just a contract manufacturer

OUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY: We take our place as the leader in contemporary security seriously. In fact, we “live and breathe” electronic design and manufacturing. We put our love, our passion, and our dedication into everything we manufacture.  This means that we are fully committed to producing and delivering high-quality products to our customers. This includes you!