Selecting Swing gate geometry using custom length gate arms

MikeLaurel | January 12, 2010
Technical Bulletins

Selecting Swing gate geometry using custom length gate armsIn Linear SWR, SWC, and SWD Swing Gate Operator installations, the length of swing gate operator arms will vary depending on the installation requirements. The size of the gate, the position of the gate bracket on the gate, backspace, and setback distances will all have an affect on proper setting of the gate arm lengths.

To obtain efficient and smooth cycling of a swing gate operator, it is important that the gate arm lengths are set correctly so the “geometry” of the gate operator installation is correct. For most installations, set the arm dimensions as described in the operator’s Installation Instructions. This will minimize loading on the operator and decrease wear on the operator’s components.

For special applications, factory set custom gate arms are available by adding part number 2650-082 to the gate operator order. Arms can be ordered preset to 11 different length “geometry” combinations “A” through “K” to fit various installation requirements.

Alternately, the installer can set the stock gate arms in the field to match the factory preset sizes to obtain the installation dimensions required. (Cutting of the gate arms or arm slider tubing may also be required to achieve some of the shorter designs.)

The diagram and table below shows the various installation dimensions (in inches) obtained with the 11 available factory set gate geometry combinations. Before ordering, check all measurements of the installation and select the geometry option letter that best suits the installation requirements.

PDF: TB2010-001