Summer Safety Checklist for Your Home

MikeLaurel | July 5, 2017

Summer Safety Checklist for your HomeThe long, warm days of summer are a welcomed guest, bringing sunshine, swimming and relaxing family barbeques. Bikes stop collecting dust and neighbors return to their yards, ready to tackle those projects that have sat untouched all year.

Yet summer isn’t only a great time for warm-weather activities, it’s also the perfect opportunity to complete a few safety tasks – items that need checking once or twice annually. Use this 5-point summer checklist to keep your family and home safe year-round.

  1. Check the operation of your smoke detector. You may assume that a smoke detector is working properly, until it’s needed and you discover something went wrong. What’s more, a properly operating smoke detector makes all the difference between safely evacuating your home and experiencing a potentially devastating outcome. In fact, three out of every five home fire deaths are the direct result of not having a smoke detector, or having one that doesn’t work. Check the batteries at least once monthly and the operational soundness twice annually. Mark the dates on your calendar for summer and winter.
  2. Check your carbon monoxide alarm. The majority of homes, 95 percent, have at least one smoke alarm, but only 42 percent have a working carbon monoxide alarm. With carbon monoxide poisoning responsible for 430 deaths annually in the United States, it’s essential you put it on the top of your “to do” list.Smart technologies enable you to connect these alarms to your smartphone, so when an alarm sounds and you’re not at home, an alert is instantly pushed out to your phone.
  3. Update your security system – or get one. Burglaries are responsible for property losses that add up to $14.3 billion annually. A home security system alerts someone that a crime is taking place and increases the odds of the criminal getting caught. Security systems also deter criminal activity in the first place, with studies revealing that homes without a security system are statistically more vulnerable.The options available today are easier to use and more sophisticated than previous versions; they include glass break sensors, digital doorbells and a variety of powerful smart home-enabled features. Wireless systems expand availability, making this technology available to not only homeowners, but renters as well. No drilling or invasive installation is required.
  4. Upgrade existing technology to provide energy-saving benefits. Rising temperatures translate to greater use of fans, air conditioners and overall energy consumption. Many of the smart home systems can help manage this rising consumption during the summer months because you can manage your thermostat remotely. For example, turn down that thermostat when leaving for the day. Then, when you’re getting ready to travel back home, simply adjust the thermostat remotely via your smartphone and walk into a refreshing cold space.
  5. Turn off summer appliances, such as the BBQ. During the summer months, you may opt to cook outdoors to avoid turning on the oven and heating up the house. But because you don’t use the BBQ regularly, it’s easy to accidently leave it on, which wastes gas and could catch fire. New technology allows you to receive a notification to your phone when you have accidentally left your BBQ on. Saves you a tank of propane or potentially your backyard!

Make Safety a Summer Habit

Summer is a short season, full of special occasions and fun events, but when you build in a few safety habits, it keeps your family safe year-round. Options that leverage smart technology make accomplishing many of these tasks much easier and have the benefit of greater connectivity and transparency, using the technology you already know and love. As a result, greater control and flexibility is achieved through powerful remote management and features.

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