Cellular Service Information


You have purchased a PERS-LTEX-4200X modem.  Now what?

There are 4 steps for you to get up and running:

STEP 1:  Become a dealer

Are you a New dealer to NSC?   If so, please register here.

If you are an Existing dealer, do you currently sell Libris2?

  YES:  Please register for training here (Code: NumeraPERS4200X).

  NO:  Please sign up for onboarding here.

STEP 2:  Set up console and modem

If there is an existing 4200x console, you will need to:

  1. Remove the existing modem and cancel service;
  2. Update the console firmware to Version 1.2 (see nortekcontrol.com/software-downloads)
  3. Install the new modem.

If this is a new 4200X console, just install the new modem.
For details, click here.

STEP 3:  Download software and configure console

Download the RA4200 programming software onto your PC.  Connect the 4200x console to the PC and configure the console.
For detailed instructions, click here.

STEP 4:  Activate modem

Go to the Dealer Portal (you will receive login after training is complete), enter IMEI and activate!