Cellular Service Information

Giving More PERS Cellular Service Choices To Linear Dealers and Central Stations

To simplify the set-up and cellular equipment deployment, Linear is partnering with Telit/m2mAir – a leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the cellular service arena – to provide a turn-key service program for Central Stations and large PERS dealers.


Q: What does “UMTS-3G” stand for, and what Cell Network does it operate on?
A: UMTS stands for “Universal Mobile Telecommunication System”, and the 3G designates the third Generation network. Telit/m2mAir’s service operates on AT&T’s cellular network infrastructure.

Q: What is the part-number for Linear’s 3G Cell Module?

A: Order # AAE00462.

Get the fastest response possible for your customers with Linear’s UMTS-3G cellular add-on module! UMTS-3G

Q: How do I qualify as a “Preferred Plus” or “Master Dealer”?
A: Dealers or Central Stations who anticipate at least 1,000 new annual subscriptions may work with Telit/m2mAir to sign-up as a Preferred Plus dealer. The threshold for Master Dealer pricing is 5,000 new annual subscriptions.

Q: What if I don’t expect to support 1,000 cellular end-users?
A: Linear and Telit are working with major Central Monitoring Stations in the U.S. to establish a dealer referral program. These dealers will have the option to sign-up with the Central Stations that are enabled through Telit – so that a dealer can deploy the cellular equipment – but does not have to execute a contract directly with Telit.

Q:  Do I need to buy my own SIM cards?
A: No, the SIM card, and activation charge is included in the purchase price of the 3G Cell Module.

Q: How do I activate and manage the devices, prior to and after deployment?
A: Telit provides a web-based portal for SIM management. When the modules are purchased, the inventory is tracked on the Telit Cross-Bridge management portal, where SIM service can be enabled and disabled by the PERS Dealer.

Q: How is billing handled for Data and Voice?
A: Telit will provide a separate breakdown for Data and Voice (even when buying the Prepaid Voice option).

Q: What Cellular – Pricing Plans are available?
A: The PERS Cell Service Program is available in two resale pricing tiers:
1.) A Prepaid Voice option is offered with 20 minutes of pooled voice included, for Central Stations and Dealers who prefer a monthly allocation at a set price.
2.) A Per-Minute Voice option is offered for Central Stations and Dealers who want to pay only for the actual voice minutes used.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Large Dealers and Central Monitoring Stations who want to sign up for the program will need to contact the Telit/m2mAir Account Manager (contact information provided below). Linear is not involved in the service agreement; the contracts are executed between Telit/m2mAir and the PERS Service Provider.