Central Vacuum Glossary

AirWatts — A specification developed to rate the output power of the vacuum cleaner. It is a measurement of the suction and airflow, measured at the vacuum cleaner’s inlet.

Bagless Unit — Central Vacuum Cleaner that collects the dirt and debris into a bottom receptacle, the waste should be emptied 5-6 times a year.

Canister — Main power unit where the dirt and debris is collected, this is either bag-less or disposable bag, and is located in the basement or garage area. There are multiple canisters available depending on size of home and types available, disposable bag or bagless.

CFM — Airflow circulation. Some vacuums may be able to lift bowling balls, but the cleanest homes have central vacuums with higher CFM.

Crushproof Hose — Lightweight, crush proof vinyl hose, that withstands bending and normal wear and tear.

Disposable Bag Unit — Central Vacuum Cleaner that traps the dirt and debris in a disposable paper bag, the waste removal should be done 5-6 times a year.

Electric Current Valve/Direct Connect or Super Valve — Electric current is necessary to run electric power brushes. Current carrying wires run through the hose and to the power brush. If it is not possible to use current carrying valves, use a cord style hose, which has an electrical outlet plug and 6-foot cord.

Fittings — The PVC fittings are required to connect the Pipe or Tubing back to the main canister. There are a variety of fittings available, as each installation is different.

Pipe/ Tubing/PVC Pipe — This refers to the PVC that runs back to the main canister unit. The PVC or Tubing collects all the debris as it is transported to the waste receptacle or disposable bag of the canister.

Standard Inlet/Valve — Valve where the hose is plugged into.

Tool Kit — Vacuum accessory kit, includes vacuum hose, dust brush, crevice tool, wand extensions, telescopic wand accessory bag and hose hanger.

Water Lift — This explains the bowling ball trick; a vacuums ability to lift is called vacuum or water lift. Water lift measurements will fluctuate based on the actual amount of voltage the motor is receiving, the altitude, air temperature, and the barometric pressure.

Wire-reinforced Hose — Wire-reinforced vinyl hose adds extra support, also heavier to handle.