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The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands

This page contains some of our technical printed documentation and installation manuals for IEI (International Electronics, Inc.) products, which are available for download. NOTE: Support documentation posted on this Web page for old or discontinued products may contain telephone numbers and/or addresses that are no longer valid. Please refer to the Contact Us page for up-to-date contact information.

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eMerge Embedded Software Systems Sub-Catalog (.pdf)
Secured Series PC Based Systems Sub-Catalog (.pdf)
Stand Alone Access Control Sub-Catalog (.pdf)
Intrusion Detection and Access Control Accessories Sub-Catalog (.pdf)


ModelSupporting Documents
2000 Series Quick Start Guide
2000 Series Full Manual
2000 Series Output Expansion Mod
212iInstallation Manual
Product Specifications
Programming Guide
Product SpecificationsInstallation Manual
212iLWProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
212RProduct Specifications
Programming Guide
Installation Manual
212SEProduct Specifications
Programming Guide
Installation Manual
212wProgramming GuideInstallation Manual
232FXProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
232iInstallation ManualProgramming Guide
Product SpecificationsInstallation Manual
232RProduct Specifications
Programming Guide
Installation Manual
232SEProduct Specifications
Programming Guide
Installation Manual
232wProgramming GuideInstallation Manual
242iLWProduct BulletinInstallation & Programming Guide
262BProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
550LSProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
Installation ManualDatasheet
834LInstallation ManualDatasheet
834LWCInstallation ManualDatasheet
CR500WInstallation Manual
DTDUser Guide
eMerge Essential
eMerge Elite
e3 OneBox™
Installation Manual 620-100531B
Quick Start Guide 620-100540B
User Manual 620-100240E
Guía de programacíon para el usuario 620-100440D
Guía de instalacíon 620-100439D
Guía de inicio rápido 620-100441X2
eMergeeMerge 50/5000 Specs
eMerge V3.3 Support
eMerge MicroNode Specs
EZ-RexInstallation Manual
HC500PInstallation Manual
Hub Door Control ModuleInstallation Guide
HubMax IIInstallation Addendum
PC Connection Guide
Installation Manual
prox.pad program addendum for Hub Max connection
Hub MiniMax IIInstallation Addendum
PC Connection Guide
Installation Manual
prox.pad program addendum for Hub Max connection
Version 8
Hub Manager® Software
Compatibility Tech Bulletin
Software User Manual
Software Download
LS-1Product Specifications
LS1 Programming
LS1 Wiring
Installation Manual
LS Mortise Installation
LS Install Template
Product Specifications
Keypad Programming
Installation Manual
LS Install Template
M3MProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
Configuration Guide for a 1 to 8 door installation
Installation Manual
MiniMax 3Datasheet
Configuration Guide for a 1 to 8 door installation
Installation Manual
MiniProxInstallation Manual
Installation Manual
PKAC-110DatasheetInstallation Manual
prox.padInstaller Guide
Outdoor Installation Addendum
Installation Manual
End User Guide
program addendum when used with HubMax or Minimax
prox.pad plusProduct Specifications
Outdoor Installation Addendum
Installation Manual
prox.pad plus IRProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
ProxPoint PlusInstallation Manual
ProxPro IIInstallation Manual
SEG-1DatasheetInstallation Manual
SEG-MInstallation Manual
SS-ProxPointProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
SS-KP500R-WHProduct Specifications
Programming Guide
Installation Manual
SS-KP500WPProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
SSW-FXProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
Product Specifications
Installation Manual
ThinLine IIInstallation Manual
USB-SerialInstallation Manual


ModelSupporting Documents
212eProduct SpecificationsInstallation & Program Guide
212eMProduct SpecificationsInstallation & Program Guide
212iLProduct SpecificationsInstallation & Program Guide (10 Wire Harness)
Installation Manual (6 Wire Harness)
212iLR, 232iLRProduct Bulletin212 Manual
232 Manual
212iLSE, 232iLSEProduct Bulletin212 Manual
232 Manual
212xt, 232xt, 272xtProduct Specifications
Installation Manual – 212xt
Programming Guide – 232xt
Programming Guide – 212xt
Installation Manual – 232xt
Installation & Program Guide – 272xt
232eProduct SpecificationsInstallation & Program Guide
233Programming Guide
Wiring and Specifications
ATM Vestibule Addendum
234 & CR/KP500WInstallation Manual – 234Programming Guide – 234
242eProduct SpecificationsInstallation & Program Guide
242eMProduct SpecificationsInstallation & Program Guide
272WPProduct SpecificationsInstallation & Program Guide
510Product SpecificationsInstallation Manual
552LSProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
555LSInstallation Manual
Hub Plus KitInstallation & Program Guide
KP500i, 272iInstallation & Program Guide – 272i
KP500mp, 272mp, 232mpInstallation Manual – 232mp
Programming Guide – 232mp
Installation & Program Guide – 272mp
KP500XTProduct Specifications
PKAC-220DatasheetInstallation Manual
MINIMAXIISK1Installation & Program Guide
PC Connection Guide
Installation Addendum
prox.pad program addendum for Hub Max connection
PG 1224-1-C
PG 1224-1
Product Specifications
SS-NT MAXIPROProduct SpecificationsInstallation Manual
Product SpecificationsInstallation & Program Guide
SS-TCH500WProduct Specifications