TB-2012-06-25: ANT1 Cellular Radio Antenna Installation

TB-2012-06-25: ANT1 Cellular Radio Antenna InstallationANT1 Cellular Radio Antenna Installation

The 2GIG-ANT1 cellular radio antenna was designed for installation inside the Go!Control Panel. In some installations, it has been found that mounting the 2GIG-ANT1 in the standard mounting location near the speaker can sometimes result in radio interference being heard through the speaker.

Alternate 2GIG-ANT1 Cellular Radio Antenna Installation Method

For 2GIG-ANT1 Antenna installations where cellular radio interference is experienced, the following installation method is advised.

  1. Remove the knockout labeled “External Antenna” on the Go!Control panel’s mounting plate
  2. Cut a vertical slot in the wall with a knife or drywall saw (make sure the slot is close to the left edge of the knockout as show in the image below)
  3. Insert the 2GIG-ANT1 antenna paddle into the slot cut in the wall stopping when the bent cable portion just touches the wall
  4. Route the antenna cable to the far right of the panel as far away from the speaker as possible
  5. Confirm that the power cable exits the unit as far down the vertical oval slot as possible with little slack remaining inside the unit when it is closed (separate the distance between the antenna and the power cable as much as possible)

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