TB-2013-04-08: 2GIG-GCCDMV-A: CDMA Radio Reception





Some customers have experienced issues with poor CDMA registration and general cell radio connectivity issues such as intermittent or no reception. This has prompted some technicians to swap multiple cell radios at the site, without success. This issue often occurs following an upgrade from a GSM cell radio.

The issue has occurred on less than 0.5% of the cell radio installations, but can be easily rectified. This technical bulletin serves to provide information on how to diagnose and resolve the issue.


  • Following installation, the cell radio is unable to complete registration.
  • Cell Radio Signal strength is low.
  • This issue often occurs following an upgrade from a GSM cell radio.

Possible Causes

  1. The installation is located in a low cell radio signal strength area.
  2. The ANT‐3X antenna was not installed.
  3. The ANT‐1 antenna was not removed.
  4. The antenna and panel are located near an RF shielding feature, such as an older system antenna, or metal duct work.
  5. The CDMA Module requires a longer period of time for initial registration. This time period can between 10 and 15 minutes.

Corrective Actions

  1. Check the signal strength. Make sure that the strength of the signal is good and that the signal is not being blocked.
  2. Ensure the correct ANT‐3X is installed.
  3. Allow the radio sufficient time to register. The CDMA module tends to take up to 10‐15 minutes to connect! Installers may not be waiting the appropriate time periods based on support information.
  4. Ensure the antenna placement is not close enough to other antenna’s or metal shielding structures (vent pipes), to block the signal.

2GIG will continue to follow the issue. Call 2GIG technical support for any additional issues.

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