Technical Bulletins

The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
Z-Wave 3-Way Light Switch Setup
Feb. 5
e3 Door Lock Relay Transorb Installation Instructions
March 21
Giving more PERS Cellular Service choices to
Linear Dealers and Central Stations
June 13
PERS-4200 Firmware & RA4200 Remote Access
Upgrade Options
July 8
BASH Bug (a.k.a. ’Shellshock Bug’)
Vulnerability Tested on eMerge e3 Series
Nov. 5

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
PERS-4200 Receiver Compatibility
June 3
AL-1 Pull-Cord alert link
June 11
PERS-4200 Supervisory Reporting
June 11
Status Reporting for DXS-LR Series Transmitters
August 15

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
VMC1 System Integration with
Aigis ENC-D1POE Encoder
April 4
VMC1 System Integration with
Door Release Mechanism
April 4
VMC1 Security Intercom Installation
of Multiple Room Stations
April 5
VMC1 System Integration with
Garage Monitor and Remote
Garage Door Activation
April 6
VMC1 System Integration with Encore
June 7
MH Operator Hand Chain
June 28
LDCO800 Safety Beam Standby Mode
August 13
Replace Safety Beams in Pairs
October 17
Safety Beams Alignment Tips
October 17
DMC1MM Compatibility with iPhone5
October 26

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
LDCO800 Replacements Parts Compatibility
Sept. 29

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
Selecting Swing gate geometry
using custom length gate arms
January 12
Encore System Line Level Output
April 6
CAT-5 Quick connectors
temporarily out of stock
August 9
Single transmitter remove feature
added to all GDOs
December 15

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
DXS-62A, DXS-64 Pendant Transmitters
and PERS Consoles
July 15
Connecting 3-Terminal Radios to an
Apex Gate Controller
July 24
Hub Manager® Professional
Version 8 Compatibility
August 21
Using MGT Gate Safety Edge Transmitter
with the APeX Controller
September 2
Mute Connection for the
Encore System
November 20
Conversion of AB 1.52 or 1.54 Legacy Products to
AccessBase 2000 Plus Panels
November 19
Radio control wiring for Commercial Door Operators
with Solid State Controller
December 14
PERS Feature review
December 31

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
LDO & LSO Garage Door Operator Open Limit Switch Adjustment
April 8
Axnet Firmware Upgrade Released
June 13
LRA EN12 Issue
Sep. 2

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
Identifying entry system versions
Aug. 14
V222 & V361 Central vacuum
hose cuffs improved
July 16
DMC-10AWP Audio input wall plate can mute
MDS-6A Music Distribution System
June 29
H200 Mounting bracket functions as Adapter
for DMC-10H Intercom Hub
June 22
Mounting DMC-10H structured wire intercom hub
in On-Q Brand enclosures
July 16
Avoid operating AirVac central vacuum with
all inlets capped
June 29

Technical Bulletin


Date issued
dmc1CD not recognized by dmc1 or dmc3-4
master unit
Aug. 17
New LINMODEM initialization string
for Account Manager
Aug. 11
Controlling multiple speaker zones
with a single keypad
Aug. 15
FMC8 and NR8M speaker wiring
Aug. 21
dmc1 monaural speaker wiring
Aug. 22
Correct wire termination using
cat-5 quick connectors
Sep. 25
DXS-81 Bill trap installation tips
Sep. 25
Cat-5e cable recommended
for access control systems
Sep. 25
Assembly of AirVac Tool Kits
Oct. 24
Central Vacuum utility inlet port adapter
Nov. 17

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