Video Doorbells Increase in Popularity

Excerpted from an article on SDM located here

Video doorbells can do much more than just show you who is on your porch; with new integrations with you who is on your porch; with new integrations with doorbells have become one of the hottest trends in smart home and should be part of every dealer’s offering.

video doorbell by Nortek and GoControlIt started out as a great concept. Maybe you remember walking up to certain porches that had large panels with dated speakers and a red button, announcing the fact that this home was equipped with Jetsons-like technology of a doorbell intercom. It was a great concept, but even when cameras were added, the technology never really became mainstream.

Recently, however — in fact within the past three to five years or so — the modernized concept of video doorbells have become increasingly popular and are beginning to pop up everywhere ~

Although there are several different types of video doorbells, the functionality is generally the same. Most use the existing wire from an older doorbell and communicate via Wi-Fi with an installed network or with the homeowner’s own Wi-Fi. They can also come completely wireless, powered by batteries. In all instances, however, there is a degree of integration and that is what makes these video doorbells so appealing. The ability for a homeowner to get alerts on his or her smartphone and see who is at the door offers peace of mind.

Greg Stone, product line manager, video, for Nortek Security & Control, Carlsbad, Calif., attributes the increase of the video doorbell to the proliferation of the smartphone. “Nearly every solution on the market leverages the end user’s smartphone as the device they can use on-the-go or at home to access a live feed of their front door via their doorbell camera, or to access stored video clips and take snapshots. Additionally, the familiarity of homeowners being able to access their security and smart home systems via their phone makes video doorbell cameras a natural extension or additional layer to those solutions.”

“Popularity of video doorbells is on the rise…”

While the popularity of video doorbells is on the rise, the lion’s share of the product’s potential has yet to be realized, though, and dealers and integrators are beginning to realize the opportunities this product affords them.

Video doorbells address concerns that are typically already high priorities for end users, she adds. “Increased security for the home, increased safety for the family and the ability to interact remotely with the home are features that most clients respond to immediately.”

The novelty of the technology means there isn’t a long history of tried-and-true methods to sell them, but as Stone sees it, there are two main ways dealers and integrators can offer video doorbells. First, they can sell the doorbell as the starting point to introduce smart home technology that the consumer uses frequently. “The consumer will be amazed at the simplicity of answering their smartphone to see and talk with visitors at their front door,” Stone says. Second, the video doorbell is an excellent add-on to any security or home automation system. “As a dealer that may be selling a system with monitoring and/or maintenance, adding the video doorbell may turn out to be just a few more dollars per month for the consumer. So it’s a good win-win for everyone.”

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