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VMC1 System Integration with Aigis ENC-D1POE Encoder

| Posted 4.04.2012 | Technical Bulletins

VMC1 System Integration with Aigis ENC-D1POE EncoderThe VMC1 Video Security Intercom system integrates easily with the ENC-D1POE to provide both snapshot e-mail noti cations of door chime activations as well as remote camera viewing. This Technical Bulletin provides a diagram and wiring instructions on how to do this. Key components required are pictured here.

Wiring / Installation Instructions:

  1. Connect the VMC1VDS to the VMC1 master as instructed in the Finish-Out Instructions.
  2. Install the ENC-D1POE video Encoder to the internet as per the Encoder instructions.
  3. Connect the Video Out from the Master to the Video In on the Encoder
  4. Connect the Red wire (+) on the Relay to IP COM + on the Master
  5. Connect the White wire (-) on the Relay to OP AUX 1 or AUX 2 on the Master
  6. Connect the Blue wire (Common) from the Relay to Port #3 on th Encoder
  7. Connect the Green wire (Normally Open) from the Relay to Port #4 on the Encoder
  8. Program the AUX port selected for Timer Mode,
    5 seconds. (Refer to VMC1 Finish-Out Instructions.)

PDF: TB2012-001

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