VMC1 System Integration with Encore

VMC1 System Integration with EncoreThe VMC1 Video Security Intercom system can work with the Encore Digital Audio Distribution System. When the door chime or intercom is active on the VMC1, all audio from the Encore System will be muted.

Wiring / Installation Instructions:

1. Connect a Green/White wire from the 13.8V terminal on the Master to the POS terminal on the AMRB.

2. Connect a Green wire from the 0V terminal on the Master to the NEG terminal on the AMRB.

3. Connect an Orange/White wire from the TC terminal on the Master to the + terminal on the AMRB.

4. Using a CAT-5A cable with an RJ45 termination on one end, connect the Orange/White wire to one of the COM terminals on the AMRB.

5. Connect the Blue wire to the corresponding N/O terminal on the AMRB. 6. Plug the RJ-45 plug into the “IN” jack on the Encore Hub.

PDF: TB2012-005