Nortek Security & Control New Home Program

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Nortek Security & Control New Home Program

Security, Control, and Entertainment Solutions for Home Builders.

Nortek System Packages make it easy for you to sell – and easy for your homebuyers to select – the right smart home control and automation package. Each upgrade enhances the “Standard” for the personalization homebuyers demand. We work with you to develop a custom Standard package and upgrade options based on the development and your target homebuyers.

Inspire Your Homebuyers. Stay on Schedule. Sell More Homes.

Your Home Automation Standard.

Sell More Homes Faster

Personalized home technology helps you sell more homes. The ELAN Entertainment and Control Platform delivers scalable smart home control and automation solutions, with compelling packages personalized to meet the needs of individual homebuyers.

Multiple Brands. Singular Commitment.

Imagine a production or custom new home solution that is simple, powerful, open and secure. Imagine an MDU building’s security, access control, climate and AV sharing a common platform with the smart home control, entertainment and automation in each residential unit. Now imagine all this from a single technology vendor matching you with the right integration team to keep your projects on schedule and maximize upsell opportunities in every residential unit.

Leveraging the ELAN smart home and building control platform, Nortek Security & Control brings this opportunity to you. We design and engineer integrated solutions that transform individual “smart devices” – climate, lighting, security, audio/video, etc. – into a Connected System that delivers the safety, comfort, and convenience today’s home buyers demand.

Inspire Your Homebuyers. Stay on Schedule. Sell More Homes.

  • Powerful Standards, priced right
  • Stay on schedule with direct manufacturer support
  • Complete supply chain, turnkey products and installation
  • Works with the best products on the market
  • Collaborate to create system packages that are tailored for your homes and buyers
  • Tell the story with digital and print marketing support
  • Demo systems and displays for model homes and design centers
  • Hosted sales events to help sell systems – and more homes
  • Homebuyer support and training tools

The ELAN Homeowner Experience

  • Easiest to learn and use, connects the whole home
  • Each system personalized for homebuyers’ needs
  • Beautiful, award-winning design and aesthetics
  • Open platform is “future proof”

Smart Home Control, Security, Access, Entertainment & More.

Climate and Lighting

ELAN makes climate and lighting intelligent, with smart thermostats for comfort and energy savings and integrating Nortek’s smart light switches and dimmers for real-time and automated control directly within the ELAN app. ELAN also integrates with a vast array of supported products from best- in-class third party manufacturers.


Consumers want more from their security system, so millions of homeowners turn to 2GIG security solutions for peace of mind. 2GIG seamlessly integrates into the ELAN Control and Entertainment System, and with its built-in touchscreen control, a 2GIG security panel can operate as an home automation hub.


ELAN video doorbell and cameras include video analytics from Nortek’s IntelliVision®. With the ELAN Mobile App, homeowners can see and speak with visitors, guests, and delivery people from their smartphone – from home and away – with surveillance recording available.

Garage Door Openers

Nortek Security & Control has been manufacturing garage door openers under the Linear brand since 1961. Linear can address the needs of builders and homebuyers alike with its wide range of openers and accessories.

Audio/Video and Entertainment

With a family of smart remote controls, ELAN connects the home’s entertainment systems to work in flawless harmony, delivering your buyer’s favorite music, television, movies, and more throughout the entire home, leveraging Nortek’s iconic audio and video brands.

Irrigation Systems, Pool, and Spa

ELAN enables easy control and scheduling of irrigation systems, including scheduling and seasonal adjustments. ELAN’s pool and spa control manages pumps, heaters and solar covers, monitors water pH levels and chemical levels, and integrates with outdoor lighting and media.

Deliver Exceptional Smart and Connected Home Experiences to Your Customers.

Nortek supplies branded technology solutions through service providers dedicated to addressing the business needs of millions of customers every day. With almost 5 million residential, commercial, and personal systems deployed–plus more than 25 million connected wireless devices–our partners and our end customers trust us countless times each day to protect what matters most and make their lives easier. We are transforming the Smart Home, Smart Building, Security, and Personal Health and Wellness markets with our trusted brands, including ELAN, 2GIG, Linear, and Numera.

Nortek Security & Control makes it easy – and profitable – to deliver personalized smart home solutions that delight your homebuyers and help you sell more homes.

Smart Home Standards and Entertainment Options

Let Nortek help you create a customized “Standard” for every home with easy to understand upgrade packages that lets each homeowner personalize their system.

The Nortek New Home Program, from Nortek Security & Control, makes all this and more possible.

Email us at or call 800.421.1587 and ask for Bret Jacob to learn more.

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