Nortek Security and Control is the leader in Security, Home Automation and Personal Safety wireless devices. With more than 3+ million commercial, residential, and personal systems deployed, our service provider and dealer partners, as well as our end-customers, trust us hundreds of times a day to protect what matters most and make their lives easier.  We are transforming the Security, Smart Home, Personal Health and Wellness markets with our trusted brands:  2GIG, Linear, Numera and GoControl.

Innovation and manufacturing excellence is in our DNA, regardless of the wireless technology or protocol involved. From the world’s first wireless garage door opener, to voice-controlled systems, to stylish touchscreen entry, Nortek Security and Control is at the forefront of Security and Smart Home industry.  We are pushing the boundaries of technology to create a safer, smarter, and more connected world. For our partners, that means faster installations, enhanced add-ons with superior compatibility to enable more upsell and cross-sell solutions backed with trusted brand performance.  For our end-customers, Nortek is delivering the reliable and easy to use solutions that will make you smile with confidence and be the envy of your business competitors and neighbors.

Nortek Security and Control. The Intelligence Behind Your Smarter World