Policy Regarding Unsolicited Calls to Consumers (Telemarketing)

Nortek Security & Control LLC (“NSC”) embraces efforts to halt unsolicited marketing calls to consumers and is committed to protecting and respecting consumers‘ rights to privacy.

NSC does not place marketing calls to consumers, nor do we use call centers, or authorize telemarketing calls using any of our brand names, including 2GIG. We are a manufacturer of home security products and we sell to businesses, not to consumers. Although we do not make any of these telemarketing calls, we are concerned when we hear there are phone calls being made that reference our products. Not only are we concerned for the consumers who are being inconvenienced and misled by the calls, we are also concerned about potential reputational damage as a result of the reference to our brand name – these telemarketing calls are not good for our business.

Any use of NSC trademarks, trade names or service marks by unauthorized, direct-to-consumer telemarketers is strictly forbidden and against our company policy.

What to do if you receive an unsolicited Telemarketing Call:

To help reduce or eliminate unwanted telephone solicitations, you may place your telephone number(s) on the Federal Trade Commission’ (“FTC”) National Do Not Call Registry a by calling 1-888-382-1222 or online at

If you are already registered with Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry, you may submit complaints of continued unsolicited telemarketing by calling the same number at 1-888-382-1222 or online at

The FTC provides further advice for stopping these types of calls on their website at This website also outlines what the Federal Government is doing to help stop unwanted calls.


Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy, found at, carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your information and how we will treat it.


Compliance of California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 by Nortek Security & Control LLC

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 was designed to increase the amount of information available to a consumer regarding the steps retailers and manufacturers take to address human trafficking and slavery. NSC is committed to providing a supportive, professional, and respectful work environment for our employees, and would never knowingly conduct business with a supplier that engages in forced labor, child labor, slave labor, or human trafficking. To this end, NSC has taken steps to help ensure our supply chain is free from any forced labor, child labor, or slave labor.

NSC’s Supply Chain Partners’ Code of Conduct encourages supply partners to take greater social responsibility for their participation in the global economy. To ensure that forced labor and human trafficking do not occur in the supply chain, the Supply Chain Partners’ Code of Conduct requires that all supply partners:

  • Comply with all national and local laws, including those relating to labor, human trafficking, and slavery;
  • Certify that in all of the stages of the process to provide products to NSC, all labor is voluntary and that the supplier does not use child labor, forced labor, prison labor, or indentured;
  • Certify that in all of the stages of the process to provide products to NSC, all workers maintain control over their identity documents and have been given rest days with working hours and conditions that are not excessive and are consistent with local regulations;
  • Use hiring practices that accurately verify age and ability to work legally;
  • Are committed to a workplace free of harassment, unlawful discrimination, and harsh and inhumane treatment; and
  • Pay all workers at least the minimum wage and benefits required by applicable laws and regulations.

The Supply Partner Code is available here.

NSC also has a robust supplier selection and administration process that includes a supplier engagement protocol that requires suppliers to agree to comply with the Supply Partner Code. Specifically, NSC requires that suppliers formally agree, as a condition to any transaction, to manufacture products and parts without using child labor or prison labor and provide adequate working conditions, reasonably providing for the health and safety of employees

Supplier Audits
NSC visits certain supplier sites and, upon discovery of any evidence of human trafficking or slavery, would take remedial actions. NSC does not otherwise conduct audits of its suppliers to evaluate compliance with company standards for trafficking and slavery in supply chains.

Internal Accountability and Training
NSC’s employees are bound by a company-wide Code of Ethics (the “Employee Code”) which requires employees to report all legal, ethical, and policy violations. The goal of the Employee Code is to achieve a supportive, professional, and respectful work environment. The Employee Code requires that employees obey all laws, which include laws against forced labor and human trafficking. NSC’s employees are required to take annual training on, and to certify adherence to, the Employee Code. Failure by an employee to follow the standards outlined in the Employee Code may subject such employee to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. NSC maintains accountability for its responsibility to keep forced labor, child labor, slave labor, and human trafficking out of the supply chain with a 24-hour hotline and ethics portal, which allows NSC employees, and its supply partners, to report possible violations of NSC policies or unethical or illegal conduct suspected within the supply chain.

Unilateral Price Policy

In order to successfully compete in the marketplace, Nortek Security & Control has announced our Unilateral Price Policy. Hereafter, all sales from Authorized Resellers to End Users of products set forth in NSC’s Unilateral Price Grid inside the United States shall be subject to this Unilateral Price Policy. Please read our Unilateral Price Policy carefully.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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