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Nice + Nortek Control are Stronger Together with a powerhouse portfolio in the smart home & commercial segments. You now have a competitive advantage to offer customers Nice® Sunshade solutions integrated with ELAN® Control Systems. Learn more about how these brands work together below.

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Make the most of natural sunlight

Nice Sunshades Solutions
work with...

Nice sunshades are a smart solution to control your climate and protect your home. Both elegant and effective, Nice sunshades allow natural light to be adjusted based on each person’s individual needs. Pair them with ELAN Control Systems for even more control, personalization, and customization features.


Control + Automation Solutions

Conserve energy while keeping a home comfortable by allowing ELAN Control Systems to anticipate a homeowners’ ideal environment – customized specifically for various times of the day. Control shades and more through a single-app interface, your phone, an iPad, an ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel or Remote.

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