Nice/Nortek Control Showcases New Smart Home and Building Innovations at ISC West 2022

Epi Fabonan III | April 5, 2022
Trade Shows

Nice/Nortek Control proved once again that they’re #StrongerTogether with its showcase of new smart home and building technology innovations at the recently concluded ISC West 2022 trade show in Las Vegas, most of which were leveraged from the different brands under its umbrella.

During the three-day exhibition at the Venetian Expo from March 23 to 25, 2022, Nice/Nortek Control opened its Nice Neighborhood to visitors for a comprehensive tour of the smart home and building products on offer across the various brands that are part of the Nice conglomerate.

Linear® Access launches surveillance camera line

Among the new products highlighted in the Nice Neighborhood is the new line of smart and AI-powered surveillance cameras and network video recorders (NVRs) from Linear® Access. The multi-family cameras and NVRs are powered by IntelliVision® Video Analytics that provide actionable insights using AI and deep learning-based video analytics and integrates seamlessly with Linear access control and telephone entry systems for ease of install and all-in-one support.

The multi-family camera line includes a quad core 5MP camera and a cost-effective 2MP camera, both of which feature intelligent motion detection, object detection and classification, object left/removed, directional line crossing, and intrusion/perimeter watch.

The surveillance cameras and NVRs have the ability to communicate with Linear access control and telephone entry systems to monitor and record security events such as attempts at gaining access to a property. Once detected and recorded, it immediately sends a notification to inform and alert the user, enabling them to take a proactive response to the security event.

Linear surveillance cameras
The new line of Linear® Access surveillance cameras and NVR.

2GIG® EDGE integrates with ELAN® control platform

Also highlighted at the Nice Neighborhood during ISC West 2022 is the launch of the exclusive integration of the award-winning 2GIG® EDGE security panel with the ELAN® Control Platform, which seamlessly combines the best of both security and access control. The integration allows users to easily arm/disarm their 2GIG smart home security devices, connect to compatible security cameras and doorbell cameras, and view video and security events in high resolution and in real time using the ELAN control panel. The integration allows simplified installation of the 2GIG EDGE panel through the ELAN Control Auto Zone Detection.

Like the Linear Access surveillance cameras and NVRs, the 2GIG EDGE security panel is powered by IntelliVision Video Analytics and engineered using edge analytics, secure face recognition touchless disarm uniquely identifies the homeowner to grant access. The homeowner’s biometric data stays secure by saving it only on the EDGE panel and never to the cloud. The integration works on the ELAN SC-100 and ELAN SC-300 system controllers with ELAN 8.7 OS, which will be released later this month.

2GIG security panel and ELAN control platform
The 2GIG® security and automation panel and the ELAN® smart home control panel

HySecurity smart swing gate integration with the Linear E3 system

Another highlight at the Nice Neighborhood during ISC West 2022 is the integration between the HySecurity SwingSmart CNX swing gate and the E3 OneBox™ Video + Access Control from Linear Access. This is the first time that industry leading HySecurity gate operators have been integrated with a video surveillance and access control system.

The hardware integration allows the E3 system to email and send text notifications to the gate administrator notifying them of tailgating or obstructions on their swing gate. The integration also enables the system’s LNVR to trigger specific video events when tailgating or obstructions are detected on the swing gate.

The integration of the two systems creates an even better experience for HySecurity gate operator users and adds a new application — and market — for the Linear access control and surveillance system.

HySecurity SwingSmart CNX
The HySecurity SwingSmart™ CNX swing gate

The launch of new products and innovations at the Nice Neighborhood during ISC West 2022 underscored the effective leveraging and consolidation strategy employed by Nice/Nortek Control since the two companies’ merger late last year. By combining the technologies and features from various brands under its wings, it adds greater value to its award-winning and market-leading products. The value added only further solidifies the industry leadership that Nice/Nortek Control has established for itself.